In addition to our factsheets, International Intelligence on Culture has authored, collaborated on and produced the following publications and reports.

Arts Networking in Europe (2nd edition)

On the Road – the start-up guide to touring the arts in Europe
Compiled by Ruth Aldridge, with Rod Fisher, Fiona Gallagher and Danielle Cliche

To Travel, Hopefully! A guide to travel grant opportunities

International Arts Briefings on:

  • Japan
  • Canada
  • The Netherlands
  • The USA
  • South Africa
  • France
  • Sweden & Finland

International Intelligence on Culture is also the sole UK distributor for publications of the CIRCLE (Cultural Information & Research Centres Liaison in Europe) network, of which the following can be ordered by contacting us at [email protected].

New Frontiers for Employment in Europe – the heritage, the arts and communication as a laboratory for new ideas (Report of a European Round Table in Spoleto, edited by Carla Bodo and Rod Fisher), Rome, 1997, 245pp; £10 (inc. postage*).

Trial, Trust & Tribulation – the distribution of roles and changing nature of relations between governments and arts councils, associations and foundations (Report of a European Round Table in Budapest, edited by Anthony Everitt), Helsinki, 1996; 98pp; £7.50 (inc. postage*).

Harmony or Confusion for Culture and Communication in Europe? The Impact of the European Single Market and Maastricht Treaty (Report of a European seminar in Venice, edited by Carla Bodo and Rod Fisher), Rome, 1995; 298pp; bi-lingual (English/Italian), £10 (inc. postage*)

Human Rights and Cultural Policies in a Changing Europe: The Right to Participate in Cultural Life (Report of a European Round Table in Helsinki, edited by Rod Fisher, Brian Groombridge, Julia Hausemann and Ritva Mitchell); Helsinki, 1994; 216pp; £10 (inc. postage*).

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*Please Note: Postage for destinations outside the UK is not included and will be charged at cost.

Also available from International Intelligence on Culture and to order via an email to [email protected]:

Making it Home – Europe and the Politics of Culture Simon Mundy, European Cultural Foundation, 1997, ISBN: 1-898594-40-6; 97pp; price: £7.95 plus postage. Simon Mundy argues that cultural problems need cultural solutions, and explores ways in which Europe can most productively move.