International Intelligence on Culture, consultancy, research and advisory work:

Current Projects

Client:Hong Kong Arts Development Council
Project:Study on the arts and cultural indicators in Hong Kong
Description:A major review of arts and cultural indicators and linkages with social indicators in Hong Kong; based on international comparators
Associates:Colin Mercer, Hong Kong Policy Research Institute
Client:Asia-Europe Foundation
Project:International cultural policy conference in Bangkok
Description:Provision of programme and intellectual content, compiling pre-conference documentation and post-conference report
 Conference takes place June 2004
Client:Council of Europe
Project:Theatre law in Armenia
Description:Advising on the text of a new law governing theatre in Armenia
Project Partner:John Faulkner
Client:Government Office of the North East (England)
Project:An issues paper on the implications for cultural policy, structures and funding arrangements with regards to the creation of a regional assembly
Description:Providing international comparisons on the operation of cultural policies and structures at regional level and their link to regional development
Project Partner:Christopher Gordon
Client:Arts Council England
Project:International Policy Intelligence
Description:Intelligence on prospective policy shifts, legislation and funding programmes of the European Institutions and monitoring of cultural policy developments internationally

2003 (selected projects):

Client:Ministry of Education, Finland
Project:Review of Finnish Arts Council system
Description:Evaluation of the case for strengthening the Finnish Arts Council system beyond its current role of financing artists
Project Partner:Theodor Adams
Client:Interarts Foundation and EFAH for the European Commission
Project:Research on the state of intergovernmental cultural co-operation in Europe
Description:Studies on cultural co-operation between national cultural institutes, on European co-operation, on cultural research and on language co-operation
Client:Arts Council of Northern Ireland
Project:Development of Policy on Ulster Scots
Description:International case studies on minority languages
Client:Visiting Arts and the Ford Foundation
Project:Training for Viet Nam officials
Description:Preparing and leading a four-day training seminar on cultural policy, focusing on international practice

2002 (selected projects):

Client:East England Arts
Project:Strategic international framework for the arts in the East of England
Description:Reviewing international arts related activity in the region and drawing up a more strategic policy framework for the development of such activity
Client:European Cultural Foundation, Amsterdam
Project:European Observatory on Cultural Co-operation
Description:A paper exploring the environment and potential for a European Observatory on Cultural Co-operation

Ongoing Work

Client:City University, London
Project:Arts Management MA course module
Description:Organisation of module on International Cultural Governance and Co-operation
Client:for Goldsmiths College, University of London
Project:Arts Management MA course module
Description:Organisation of module on European Cultural Policy