Policy Intelligence


International Intelligence on Culture provides expert advice on European and International policy and legislative developments affecting cultural funding agencies, arts and cultural organisations and local government authorities.

While information on cultural issues has never been more readily available, keeping abreast of developments and good practice internationally remains as challenging as ever. What’s more, it is increasingly important to be aware of policy and legislative developments in their early stages, to know what funding opportunities may be on the horizon, and to keep up-to-date with the results of recent research.

With staff in London and Brussels and contacts globally, International Intelligence on Culture can provide ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ intelligence on developments and policy shifts before they hit the normal distribution channels. We analyse and interpret information and the vast range of available documentation to determine its relevance to the cultural sector. So we are perfectly placed to advise whether, when, how and who to contact or lobby.

A key instrument for tracking developments is our e-mail, hard copy and web-based service:
International Cultural Compass